My Story

Hally helps Amazon FBA sellers and E-Commerce businesses focus on growing their business, increasing their productivity and improving their overall metrics by helping manage all administrative, technical and creative tasks needed by their business.

Hally started her career in the Semiconductor Industry. She worked in a multinational company for 5 years since she graduated from college. She was placed in various engineering roles: quality engineering and process engineering. Her key take away and interest from those roles is on the systems and automation side of the job. Work tasks were more efficient because of those systems.

She became more curious about how systems affect life on a larger scale.  She observes the world as becoming more and more dependent on the internet. E-commerce sites are first in mind when people need to shop instead of going to physical stores. Social networking sites and instant messaging apps allow an instant connection. Online webinars fulfill the need for affordable and accessible education. 

Hally wants to be an active part of how these systems work. She is continuously learning skills related to these systems. And, she applies these acquired skills to all of her online work

Personal Background

Hally is a Filipino Virtual Assistant, Project Manager and Freelance Writer based in Baguio City, Philippines. She aims to help online businesses build their online presence, connect with their target market, and encourage customer engagement.

She is very passionate about formulating business strategies and being an entrepreneur. Her varied interests include finance, personal development, travel, and creating passive income.

She believes in continuous improvement, efficiency, perseverance, and integrity. 

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If you would like to know more about Hally, her specialized skill sets and experience, please check out her resume